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I always thought it was the following , First World War, and all the taxes that went with it, and the Second World War with all the taxes on it. I have heard that VAT taxes in the UK were up to 90% at the time.

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Q: What caused the demise of the landed gentry in England?
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When was Burke's Landed Gentry created?

Burke's Landed Gentry was created in 1826.

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Landed gentry and the nouveau riche?

the gay arses

What is a landed gentry?

That are members of the nobility and people considered 'gentlemen' in England (often called 'lords of the manor') that spend their lives in the country on country estates, and not in the cities.

What is Jane Bennet's occupation?

Jane Bennet is a/an Landed gentry

Who were the landed gentry of Colonial America?

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Why were the landed gentry that replaced the old aristocracy known as scholar gentry?

The landed gentry that replaced the old aristocracy were known as scholar-gentry because they were appointed based on their performance in civil service examinations, which emphasized knowledge and education. This new class of scholar-gentry contributed to the stability and intellectual advancement of Chinese society during the Ming and Qing dynasties.

In what year did William of orange land in England?

William of Orange landed in England in 1688 and was the event that caused the Glorious Revolution.

What did the Landed gentry think of nouveau riche?

The landed gentry were a group of upper class people.The nouveau riche (french for "new rich") where poorer people who acquired welath within his or her generation, allowing them to buy goods or luxuries which they were unable to buy before.As the nouveau riche are people who gained money, the landed gentry would feel threatened by these people because the landed gentry were posh people who were used to having lots of money and other people also having money would upset them. As people gain money they also gain status, so the nouveau riche would gain status in their generation too. If these people reach upper class, the landed gentry would have felt as if money was no longer worth as much if other people from lower down (in status ranks) could also get hold of it. The landed gentry wouldn't have liked the nouveau riche.

What is the meaning of landed?

the land is where the people and animals live the land is where the people and animals live

When did William land in England?

William landed in 1682 William of Orange actually conquered England in 1688, with the support of a number of leading protestant nobility and gentry! He kept an army of occupation in England for about 10 years.

What are the three major class's in the 17th century?

There were four, the Royalty, the Church, the Landed Gentry, and those that had to work for a living.