What century is 1500's?

Updated: 8/19/2023
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It is the 14th century. The Ice Age era began in the 1300s.

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It is the 5th century.

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Q: What century is 1500's?
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What century was Queen Elizabeth the 1st crowned?

16th (1500s)

What year is the 13th century in the 1300s 1400s or 1500s?

The 13th century refers to the 1200s. For a modern example, we are in the year 2010 but the 21st century.

Was the period of exploration in the 1500s called the period of exploration?

No it came after the 17th century

What century did historic period at the big bend national park begin?


During which century did the spirit of the Italian renaissance spread through spanish literature?


Was the 16th century the 1700s?

No. The 16th century lasted from 1501-1600. The 1700's were during the 18th century (1701-1800)

Why did modern science begin so suddenly in the 1500s?

So many intellectual minds were born that century.

What year was violas made in?

The viola was made in the 1500s. Our contemporary model viola was created in the 19th century.

How long were the Aztecs alive?

It is thought that they lived since the 12th century (1100s) to the end of the 16th century (1500s) Their decline was due to the sudden outbreak of smallpox and typhus.

What year was the viola first used?

Indeed it was. Our contemporary viola model was created in the 19th century though.

Which country had the most influence on the colonization of Latin America in the 1500s?

Spain was responsible for colonizing most of South America in the sixteenth century.

What is known as first century?

If I understood your question correctly, first century is the period between 0 - 99 A.D. and 100 A.D. being the beginning of the 2nd century. So when someone tells you, for example, that invention X was created in the 16th century...they mean 1500s A.D.