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because there old

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Q: Why was it unusual for women not to get married in 1500s?
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Who wore girdles in the 1500s?

Men and women

Were women hairy in the 1500s?

Yes: exactly like today.

Where women allowed to talk in court in the 1500s?

no because they had no rights back then

What are the main differences between the 1500s and today?

women had to serve men

What was very important to women in the 1950s?

Mainly, to be a good mother and housewife. Emancipation of women started only decades later. In the Fifties it was not unusual that a woman holding a job had to resign the moment she married.

What were common names for girls in the early 1500s?

Many girls then were named for women in the Bible.

What sort of jobs did women have in the 1500s?

Women usually took care of kids and stayed home. They could also farm, and be a spinner.

Is mrs the abbreviation for a married women?

for a married women is Mrs.

What is unusual about the women on Fox News?

There is nothing unusual about the women on Fox News. They are equal to their male counterparts. Their job is a newscaster and they are performing their job very well.

What was unusual about the Grange Movement?

... It encouraged women to speak out.

What did women use in the 1500s for their menstrual cycle?

They used rags. That's why you might hear the term, "on the rag"

What kind of men dates married women?

because they like women with experience in bed... and married women have that...