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Q: What colonies fought for State Rights?
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Who did the patriots for?

The patriots fought for the Colonies, or the United States to be free from English rule given the rights to govern themselves.

What is the different of confederate and union?

Confederate soldiers fought for the South and state rights, Union fought to keep inslaved

What war was fought over issues of state's rights and slavery?

American Civil War.

What were the rights that martin Luther king fought for?

he fought for civil rights

True or false during the cilvil war union soldiers fought againts slavery?

True. But they also fought against state's rights, which as one of the major reasons the South fought.

What did each side offer the slaves if they fought in the revolutionary war?

The British offered freedom and independence. The 13 colonies offered more rights. The slaves went for British because they wanted freedom, not rights.

The American Revolution was fought by the American colonies in China?

The American Revolution was fought by the Americans and not the American colonies in China.

What are some rights that Martin Luther King Jr fought for?

He fought for equal rights for African-Americans.

Who fought whom in the American Civil War?

In the American civil war the Rebels (11 southern states) fought the North over issues of slavery and state rights

What else did Rosa parks accomplish?

she made a library, fought for all women's rights and fought civil rights

Who fought in the Revolutionary War?

the colonies of America fought against the kingdom of great Britain.

Why do many people who fought for abolition also fought for women's rights?

The people who fought for abolition also fought for women's rights because their main aim was to fight for human rights. Women were slaves to the societal rule of that time, but with time they became emancipated. .