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John Winthrop was a leading figure in the founding of Massachusetts Bay Colony. This was the first settlement in New England after the Plymouth Colony. He actually served as governor of the colony for 12 years.

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Massachusetts Bay

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Q: What colony did john Winthrop found?
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What state did John Winthrop found?

Massachusetts Bay Colony

What state was john Winthrop leader of?

John Winthrop was a founder of the "Massachusetts Bay" colony, and his son, John, helped found Connecticut.

Why John Winthrop became part of which colony?

John Winthrop was part of the New England colony.

Where did John Winthrop start a new colony?

John Winthrop stated the Massachusetts Bay colony.

Who found the colony Massachusetts?

John Winthrop and other people from his pack found Massachusetts in the early 1630's

The governor of the Massachusetts colony was?

John Winthrop was the governor of the Massachusetts colony.

What colony did john winthrop lead and what were some of the common beliefs found there?

John Winthrop lead a large migration of Puritans. This started in England and the beliefs were strict.

Who found the colany Massachusetts?

Plymouth, MA: John Winthrop Massachussets Bay Colony: William Bradford

Who established the colony of Massachusetts?

John Winthrop

Who started the colony in Massachusetts?

John winthrop

Who was the leader of the bay colony?

John Winthrop

What was John Winthrop's hope for his colony in America?

what was John Wintrop's hope for his colony in America