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he was the first governor of Massachusetts

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Leader of the England Puritans in the new world

Founded the Massachusetts Bay Colony

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John Winthrop was an Englishman and a Puritan, which led him at the time to emigrate from England to the New World. He's best known as one of the founders of the Massachusetts Bay Colony.

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he was the leader of the puritans and the puritans liked the church of England but wanted to pure it more

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Q: What were the achievements of John Winthrop?
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Who was the leader of Boston settlement?

I believe the group of Puritans that settled Boston was led by John Winthrop.

Where was John Winthrop from?

John Winthrop was from Suffolk, England.

How did John Winthrop die?

John Winthrop died in 1649 from malaria.

Where did John Winthrop live?

John Winthrop lived in Suffolk, England

Who governed Massachusetts honestly and fairly John Winthrop?

John Winthrop

What group John Winthrop led?

john Winthrop lead in the way 2 Massachusetts

What is John Winthrop's birthday?

John Winthrop was born on February 12, 1606.

How did John winthrop settle in Massachusetts?

John Winthrop settled in Massachusetts to get away.

Who was john winthrop the leader of?

john winthrop was the leader of the puritans like the pilgrims

When did John Winthrop the Younger die?

John Winthrop the Younger died in 1676.

When was John Winthrop the Younger born?

John Winthrop the Younger was born in 1606.

When did Fitz-John Winthrop die?

Fitz-John Winthrop died in 1707.