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Q: What country is famous for the tango?
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What country in south America is famous for the dance the tango?


What music do they listen to in Argentina?

the tango

Is tango Mexican?

No. Tango dance was born in Argentina, a South American country.

Why is Argentina famous?

Argentina is famous for its tango music and melancholy rhythms.

What dance is famous in Buenos Aires?


What dance is Buenos Aires famous for?

The Tango

Who were some famous tango dancers?

Astor Piazzolla is one of the most famous Tango composers. From the 1950's onwards he greatly transformed the traditional style of Tango music, and he is the main contributor to the style Tango Nuevo.

Who are some famous tango artist?

Hector del Curto and Bernardo Monk

What famous latin dance originated in Argentina and Uruguay?

Tango, was originated in Argentina.

What is thermal decompsition?

tango tango tango tango tango tango tango tango

Is there a genre of music associated with tango?

The genre of the music? Oodles Answer: Country

Where does tango music originally come from?

Well the Tango originates from Spain. But alot of other country's added there own style to it. Therefore, there are many different types of Tango.