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she unfortunately could not get an orgasm from her lovely husband peter the third so in any normal situation she found her true love which ended up being a horse. Once the horse and her eyes met, it was love at first sight. Her and the horse quickly got married so their love could be definite. And everyone knows what happens after their wedding day, thats when they finally conceived their first child, Paul the first. Once Paul was born, that was the most happiest day of their lives. From that day on, she realized that this was the best moment of her life and had many more to come.

truly a great love story.

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Q: What crisis was there during catherine the great ruling?
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Catherine the great was a German princess that ended up ruling?

Catherine the Great, or Catherine II, was known as the Empress or Czarina of Russia. She ruled over Russia from 1762 to 1796, known as being great for how she expanded the ways of living in Russia.

What country did Catherine the Great ended up ruling?

Cathrine the Great ruled Russia. She was the longest ruling female, ruling from 1762-1796, when she passed away at age 67.

What were Catherine the Great main goals?

her main goals in life were to stay ruling her kingdom and to be the best their is

Why did Catherine the Great overthrow her husband?

Catherine the Great was born into the German ruling family. She was betrothed to her second cousin Peter, the future Tsar of Russia, to strengthen the relationship between Prussia and Russia.

What is conscription crisis?

It was a political and military crisis in Canada during the Great War.

What country disappeared from the map during the reign of Catherine the Great?

Poland fairly disappeared from the map of Europe during Catherine the Great's reign. She took most of it on the three times it was divided.

What events happened during the reign of catherine the great?

Catherine the Great invented the white chocolate and even to this day her long lost relatives make the money from its profits.

What were the Social classes in Russia during Catherine the Great's rule?

Boyars and serfs

Who was the military governor of the US zone in Germany during the Berlin air crisis?

my great great great grandfather, Hitler.

Who were two enlightened despots during the 18th century?

Napoleon Bonaparte, Catherine the Great, Fredrick the Great, and Joseph II.

What happened to the conditions for peasants During the reign of Catherine the Great?

they grew worse.

Who was Catherine the Great's husband?

Catherine the Great's husband was Tsar Peter III.Catherine the Great's husband was Tsar Peter III.Peter III