What is conscription crisis?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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It was a political and military crisis in Canada during the Great War.

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Q: What is conscription crisis?
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How was the conscription crisis solved?

This exerpt comes from Wikipedia under the heading of The Conscription Crisis of 1944. There was a conscription crisis in World War 1 too.*****The Conscription Crisis of 1944 was a political and military crisis following the introduction of forced military service in Canada during World War II. It was similar to the Conscription Crisis of 1917, but was not as politically damaging. Because conscription was declared late in the war, only 2463 conscripted men reached the front lines. Out of these, 79 lost their lives.****So of the men who were drafted in 1944 to fulfill the needs for more troops most remained on the home front. You can see by the excerpt above that very few went to the front lines. It took 9 men to support and supply 1 warrior on the fighting front. So the drafted men ended up being in support and some were trained to fight but the war ended soon after they were ready to fight the Nazis.

How did the conscription crisis 1917 relate to Canada?

They were conscripting Canadian soldiers to join war ecause they did not have enough.

What has the author J-E Caron written?

J.-E Caron has written: 'Conscription and agriculture' -- subject(s): World War, 1914-1918, Conscription Crisis, 1917, Agriculture, Food supply

What was the French reaction on conscription on crisis?

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Forcing people into military service?

It is conscription (or drafting).

What is conscription what is another word for it?

conscription means murder and rape and another name for conscription is bob

What happens conscription?

conscription is drafting or when you have to serve in war

What was the drafting of men to serve in the army called?


Which groups were for and against conscription in Australia?

I only know the group which was against conscription and that was theAnglicanchurch and it showed a large percent of them votes no for conscription.

Was Prime minister Mackenzie King intellegent for using a plebiscite to handle the conscription crisis I need three reasons and why-three reasons?

yes because he often was to busy in his bedroom with his wife banging her hard

When has the US used conscription?

The us used conscription in 1940-1973.

Where was conscription?

Conscription is the required service of citizens in the military. It is often called the draft. Several nations still have conscription such as South Korea and Thailand.