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They brought diseases, food there culture and ideas.









  • cat (domestic - wild species already present)

  • camel

  • chicken

  • cow

  • donkey

  • ferret

  • goat (domestic - wild species already present)

  • goose (domestic - wild species already present)

  • honey bee

  • horse

  • rabbit (domestic)

  • pig (domestic - wild species already present)

  • rock pigeon

  • sheep (domestic)

  • silkworm

  • water buffalo

  • guineafowl

  • alpaca

  • American Mink (fur farming)

  • guinea pig

  • llama

  • Muscovy Duck

  • turkey

Domesticated plants

  • ackee

  • almond

  • apple

  • apricot

  • artichoke

  • asparagus

  • banana

  • barley

  • beet

  • bilberry ("blueberry", "blaeberry")

  • bitter melon

  • black pepper

  • Brassica oleracea-derived vegetables

    • kale and collard greens

    • broccoli

    • cabbage

    • brussels sprouts

    • cauliflower

  • cantaloupe

  • carambola

  • cardamom

  • carrot

  • cinnamon

  • clove

  • coffee

  • citrus (orange, lemon, etc.)

  • cucumber

  • date palm

  • eggplant (Aubergine)

  • fig

  • flax

  • garlic

  • grape (fox grape and other species used as rootstocks)

  • hazelnut

  • hemp (including cannabis/marijuana)

  • kiwifruit

  • kola nut

  • lettuce

  • mango

  • millet

  • nutmeg

  • oats

  • Okra

  • olive

  • onion

  • opium

  • peach

  • pea

  • pear

  • pistachio

  • radish

  • rhubarb

  • rice

  • rye

  • soybean

  • sugarcane

  • taro

  • tea

  • turnip

  • wheat

  • walnut (English)

  • watermelon

  • Wine grape

  • yam

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food. depending on the area of the people. try being more specific.

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Maize, potatoes, chocolate, peanuts, vanilla, tomatoes, gourds, pineapples, lima beans, sweet and chili peppers, turkey, cranberry, precious metals and sugarcane.

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Different types of animals including goats and oxen.

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small pox


gun powder

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any thing from live stock to illness was brought to the new world(america) including smallpox and other ilnesses. livestock like horses and sheep were brought form Europe.

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alot of food!

What types of food

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Q: What did Europeans bring back form the new world?
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