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Diseases, in the form of foreign bacteria.

some examples are: smallpox (especially infectious and deadly to those unexposed to it before) and influensa (flu)

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The most devastating thing that Europeans brought to the Americas was diseases that natives were not immune to.

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Q: What did the Europeans bring to America that was most frighting for native Americans?
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Since Europeans came to America the general fate of Native Americans?

has been to suffer at the hands of Europeans in America.

Was anyone in America when it was discovered?

This matters if you mean when the early humans found it or when Europeans found it. Yes, when the Europeans found America, there were native Americans, but no one knows if there were people when the Native Americans migrated there.

Who lived in America before the arrival of Columbus and the Europeans?

Native Americans

When the Europeans made contact with North America what didn't Native Americans have?

With the understanding that Mexico is in North America, Native Americans did not have the diseases that Europeans brought to the New World. Also, horses and the wheel were not in the Native American empires and Tribes.

Is there more native Americans than Americans?

Probably not. The Europeans took over America, so there are probably more Americans, than native Americans.

Europeans affected the Native Americans in north America?

Europeans brought diseases that killed much of the Native American population. - Minh

How did the arrival of europeans affect the native americans in mexico?

The arrival of the Europeans did not affect the native americans in Mexico.

What did the Europeans in the native Americans have in common?

What do Native Americans and Europeans have in common

What determined the relationship between Native Americans of North America and the Europeans?


What three worlds collided to make America?

native americans, africans and europeans

Why did Native Americans declined after Europeans arrived in America?

Much of the decline was due to the fact Native Americans had no natural immunities to European diseases.

Would there be more native Americans if the British still ruled in North America?

Christopher Columbus killed many many Native Americans. Europeans also killed many by bringing diseases to america. They (the British and europeans) were sick people, and very greedy, which is why there are very little Native Americans left.