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Q: What did Indians of the Pacific Northwest hunt?
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Pacific Northwest Indians customs and traditions?

One of the many traditions that the northwest Indians did was the potlatch.

What were the pacific northwest Indians jobs?

what was there jobs

Did the pacific northwest Indians travel?

by canoes

What do kawakawa Indians live in?

pacific northwest

The tradition of the pacific northwest Indians?

The patlatch

What did the Pacific Northwest Indians traded with?

gorge wathington

Did the pacific northwest indians have a type of government?


How did the Pacific northwest Indians move around?

by feet

What did the Pacific Northwest Indians traded?

gorge wathington

What kind of use did the pacific northwest for starfish?

The pacific northwest Indians ate whales,seals,seal lions,and fish

What kinds of art did the American Indians of pacific northwest do?

they had symbolism art and there were a lot of small animals in each painting

What was the technology the pacific northwest Indians had?

Hunting skills. Hatch.