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at an altitude of 29,000 feet his hot air ballon was ruptured by a thunderstorm.He fell into the coral sea but was able to slow the balloon down enough to survive.(don't belive me?look at "The Guinness Book of World Records 2006)

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Q: What did Steve Fosset accomplish in 1998?
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When did Steve fossett go missing?

Steve Fosset was cool

When was Steve Fosset born?

He was born in 1944, on the 22nd April.

First pilot to fly a balloon around the world?

steve Fosset

Who was the first pilot to fly a balloon around the world?

steve fosset

What is Steve Fosset's favorite food?

Steve favourite food is cheese and potatoe pie i no this because i am a great fan

Who was the first to fly a balloon around the world?

it Steve Fosset the first solo pilot

Who is Steve fosset?

Steve Fosset was the first person to fly around the world nonstop without refeuling.In 2007 he went missing after flying his light aircraft into fog.In 2008 his plane was discovered crashed into a mountian,bones found nearby belonged to him.

Year the deep flight aviator invented?

the year Steve fosset died, 2007 i think

Who was the first man to fly solo in Australia?

It was Steve Fosset that flew across the world solo and to fly in Australia solo.

What commodities trading firm did Steve Fosset start?

Marathon Securities and Lakota Trading (presumably named after the Lakota Indians)

When was Marc Fosset born?

Marc Fosset was born in 1949.

Who was the First person to fly a plane at 1000 kmph?

Steve Fosset was the fist person to fly at 1000kmph non-stop around the world.