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Q: What did female convicts eat?
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Which first fleet ship took only female convicts?

The Lady Penrhyn had only female convicts. The ship carried 101 female convicts.

How many female convicts were in the First Fleet?

There were 180 female convicts on the First Fleet.

Were female convicts transported on the first fleet?

Yes. There were 192 female convicts on the First Fleet.

How did the convicts eat?

the convicts ate raw meat and beetroot.

What did Alexander of the first fleet carry?

The Alexander carried 195 male convicts and 0 female convicts

Why were there more male convicts than female on the first fleet?

There were not more female convicts than male convicts on the First Fleet or n subsequent fleets. Males outnumbered females 5-1 on the convict transports.

What did the convicts eat in New South Wales when they were shipped?

In New South Wales, convicts were given weekly rations of beef, flour, grain, sugar and tea. In some cases, fresh vegetables were available and the convicts could add them to their stew. Female convicts were given less rations than males based on their work being less strenuous.

What did the convicts in England eat?

bread water

How many of the convicts were women?

The figures for how many female convicts were sent to Australia vary from between 24 700 and 24 960.

When did the Lady Penrhyn sail with female convicts?

Along with all the other ships of the First Fleet, the Lady Penrhyn sailed with her cargo of female convicts from Portsmouth, England, on 13 May 1787.

Did Australian female convicts had to wear and chain around their ankles?

yes,they did

How many of the convicts in the First Fleet were women?

Sources vary, but the number of female convicts on the First Fleet is estimated to have been between 180 or 189.