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a couterfeit crank looks like a tramp in robes pretanding to look homeless

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Q: What did the counterfeit crank look like?
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What is a counterfeit crank?

A counterfeit crank is someone from the Tudor times who would pretend to have a epilepic fit so that other people woulf feel sorry for him. Basicly a beggar begging for atention. The counterfeit crank would eat soap so that he frothed from the mouth and writh around on the floor.

What does the torn picture look like on counterfeit?

a dragon

What do the paintings look like on Counterfeit Island?


What is the monster on counterfeit island supposed to look like?

there is none

What does the dragon picture look like on counterfeit island?

it looks like your face

What are the release dates for Perry Mason - 1957 The Case of the Counterfeit Crank 5-27?

Perry Mason - 1957 The Case of the Counterfeit Crank 5-27 was released on: USA: 28 April 1962

What does the picture of the dragon look like on counterfeit?

a lizard looking thing

What does a crank bait do when fishing?

Crank bait look like a injuryed prey fish in the water.

What does a crank flashlight look like?

its ur own type

What does a Honda city crank shaft sensor look like?

crank shaft sensor or(ckp) is look like a simple sensor.its color is black.its lenth is two inches.GILL G

What does the dragon face on counterfeit island suposed to look like?

it looks like an idiot and has weird eyes. i hate it

What does Counterfeit 1847 seated silver dollar look like?

An 1847 seated silver dollar = =