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Gruel, definitely gruel

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Q: What disgusting food did poor people eat in Victorian times?
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What did rish people eat in victorian times?


What was food hygiene like in Victorian times?

The hygiene in the Victorian times were very poor. As a result of this, people became sick and died of illnesses.

Who was a cook in Victorian times?

basically a cook is a maid who cooked food for people

Why did poor people in Victorian times spend all their money on Christmas dinner?

People usually require food to survive.

What utensils did Victorian children use?

Children used spoons , knives and forks whilst eating their disgusting food . Exactly, like there parents and others!

Food for children in Victorian times?

eggs,potatos and more.

Are poptarts snack food?

yes and they are disgusting and for weird people

What did the poor children eat in Victorian times?

The poor children in Victorian times did not have many types of food to eat. They mostly age stale bread, potato peelings, and scraps.

What was the food and diet like in the Victorian times?

potato, roasted beast, pig, lamb, chicken and wine.

What happened to orphans and poor people in the Victorian times?

poor people in Victorian times were made to work very hard and in very poor conditions, soem even dangerous. orphans were made to go to workhouses, they did not get much food at all only gruel (porridge but very very lumpy) cheese if they got lucky ( very rare ) and bread a lot of the time

How much would food cost in Victorian times?

a lot depending if you were poor and not so much if you were filthy rich

Are sugar cookies Victorian times food?

yes but sugar has not been invented. they were made of bones of thine childs.