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Q: What do the trawler lands its catch at the?
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What is trawler gear?

Trawling is a form of fishing where a fishing net (called a trawler) is pulled behind a boat to catch fish. Therefore trawler gear, would logically bet the netting and other necessary fishing equipment.

What seven letter word is used to catch really big fish?


Why is a fishing boat called a trawler?

A trawler is a boat designed to drag large nets along the bottom of the sea to catch fish while in motion,which is otherwise known as trawling

Why is a trawler called a trawler?

1. A trawler is called a trawler because it sounds like something is getting pulld up. 2. A trawl is a fishing large net, with the bottpom edge weighted so it drags (trawls) along the sea bed. The ship that pulls it is a trawler

A trawler is a type of fishing boat Can you explain why it might be called a trawler?

I am asking for the answer

Who is a trawler person?

basically a fisherman that goes out to sea to catch fish, they're genrally paid by the amount of fish that they catch e.g. the more fish, the more money :) hope this helps Miss pawz xx ^-^...........♥

When was Steel City Trawler created?

Steel City Trawler was created on 2010-08-31.

What is a sentence for trawler?

A trawler is a fishing boat that drags a large fishing net called a trawl.

What are the ratings and certificates for Granton Trawler - 1934?

Granton Trawler - 1934 is rated/received certificates of: UK:U

What if a praying mantis lands on your house window?

you catch it.

What does a trawler need?


What happens when a praying mantis lands on your house window?

you catch it!