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this is a subjective question.everyone has his own needs and/or interests in history.what one needs to know most necessarily is about our follies,mistakes and ignorant acts we as a human race have committed.we should also know about noble deeds of the past.this should be done so as to guide ourselves in our present lives.the more you know the better.

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"History, despite its wrenching pain, cannot be unlived, but if faced with courage, need not be lived again."-Maya Angelou

We are constantly reminded that, no matter the determination, we are unable to avoid the repetitiveness of history. As we are condemned to re-live it's constant cycle of occurrences, history is condemned to repeat itself. We, as beings dwelling here, must accept that above all. I chose to share this quote because it claims history is what it is and, according to my personal interpretation, will cycle on as it may. However, we have the choice to simply accept that life goes on as it so chooses OR we can write our own history, look back upon the pages that were written long before our time, and learn from what "cannot be unlived." We have the ability to not only change the course of history for ourselves, but to become the future past pages that those after our time look upon as we did our predecessors and teach and contribute to what we have been taught. We must remember that history, although however permanent it may be, is also re-written every single day of our lives. Live what you want those who follow to read and take into consider that we are writers as well as readers. Live with courage and purpose and the rest will follow. Accept life as it may be but never settle for what you are given. History is but a book, waiting to be re-written. :)


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Yes! It shows our purpose for being here today. If we don't know where we've been we will not know where we are going.

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Q: What do you need to know about history?
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