Who ruled China?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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You need to be more specific. What part of Chinese history are you talking about? Also Who do you want to know about?

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Jordan Wu

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Q: Who ruled China?
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Which country ruled china?

No country has ever ruled China.

Did black people ruled China?

No! The Chinese ruled China!

What is Northern Ireland is ruled by China?

Northern Ireland is not ruled by China.

What are China's poitics?

The People's Republic of China (Communist China) is ruled by a Communist government ruled by a Dictator.

When did T'ang dynasty ruled China?

The T'ang dynasty ruled China from 618 to 907.

What countries has China ruled?

mostly china

Who ruled China in 1912?

the china territories.

How is China ruled differently now than how it was ruled in ancient China?

leaders arent as meanies

What chountry is ruled by Republican?

China is a country that is ruled by republicans.

What ancient Chinese dynasty ruled the most of China?

AnswerThe Qin dynasty ruled the most of ancient China

What country ruled Korea?

Only China and Japan had ruled Korea

Was China ever been ruled by British?

China, as a country, was never ruled by the British. Part of present day China were once British colonies (Hong Kong).