What does Canada remind you of?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Q: What does Canada remind you of?
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What does Canada remind people of?

Canada reminds me of leafs :s

How do you say my heart in Lebanese?

dear zizu I hope you doing very well .. I just want to remind you that i am happy to see you in Canada

What country does Canada remind you of?

To mostt people canada may be remembered as china because their names both start with a "c" but to other people it could be remembered as a lot of different couintries. just depends on who you are.

Why British Columbia known as Canada's Pacific Gateway?

The only access Canada has to the Pacific is through BC. The term Canada's Pacific Gateway is meant to remind everyone, including those in BC, that Canada has access through BC and has ownership of the waters off the coastline. Canada and it's members can ship products and has access to three oceans, including the Pacific.

Another word for remind and remember?

remind :)

What is the prefix for the word mind?


What is the difference between remind me and please remind me?

"Remind me" is a direct request for a reminder, while "please remind me" adds politeness to the request. Both convey the same message but the latter is more courteous.

How many syllables are in remind?

Remind has 2 syllables.

How do you spell reimind?

The correct spelling is "remind."

What part of speech is will remind?

The phrase "will remind" is a verb in future tense. The verb "will" is an auxiliary verb; the verb "remind" is a main verb.Example: I will remind Mona that the meeting is today.

What is a sentence with the word remind?

Please remind me to get baking powder when I go to the store.

When was How You Remind Me created?

How You Remind Me was created on 2001-07-28.