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During the French Revolution, Catholicism was the official religion of the French state. On those times, the clergy wore long white robes.

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Q: What does the clergy wear during the French Revolution?
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What color did France wear during the French Revolution?

The French wore blue.

Something you wear that begins with the letter V?

People wear a vest, visor and a veil. Vestments are worn by clergy during a ceremony.

Did woman wear wigs on there heads during the french revolution?

Only the wealthy ones. The common citizens (the poor ones) used flour to whiten their hair as was the custom back then.

Something you wear begins with v?

· veil · vest · vestment (worn by clergy during a ceremony) · v-neck sweater · visor

Why did the french wear red during the Seven Years War?

becus that was the french rotil coler =)-|-<|:

Did the british wear uniforms during the American revolution?

Yes they wore red uniforms

What did men wear in the French Revolution?

Whatever they could find, generally. However, the true mark of the lower classes was that their men wore trousers rather than knee-breeches. Since the latter were called CULOTTES, the underclass were SANS-CULOTTES

Do clergy wear a stole at the funeral home?


What did the French generals and commanders wear during the French Revolution?

They wore a wild array of finery that would never be acceptable on a modern battlefield equipped with competent snipers. They would have been choice targets and by day's end the Army would be without any leadership.

Why would women in the French revolution want to wear false rumps?

Why would women in the 21st century want to wear fake fingernails? It's more or less the same reason.

Can you wear glasses in the French Foreign Legion?

You must pass an eye test without your glasses to be allowed to join, but you can wear them during service.

How is the French flag linked to the French Revolution?

Just after the French Revolution, the King Louis XVI had to accept to wear la cocarde, which is a circle ribbon composed of three colors, blue, white, and red. At this time, the blue and red colors represented the city of Paris, which was the center of the Revolution. The white color represented the Kings of France, such as the lily flower. The message of the flag was so : The King is now between the hands of Paris (until the Revolution, the King lived in Versailles).