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Suggest you Google earth a picture, its just a big house.

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looks like a fried tortilla

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Q: What does the outside of Buckingham Palace look like?
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Hades palace look like?

Attached link is to vase art of Hades palace.

What does Helena and menelaus's palace look like?

It is big and has a chariot in it

What did Julius Caesar's palace look like inside?

It was big

What did king aegeus palace look like?

it has lots of gold and vines

Why do Buckingham Palace Guards in London wear Fancy Uniforms?

Why do Buckingham Palace Guards Wear Such Fancy Uniforms?Buckingham Palace, London, UKBuckingham Palace is the home of the British Royal Family. Queen Elizabeth II lives there now. The guards at the have the job of protecting this important from every danger. Their uniforms are fancy because they work for the queen. A famous ceremony known as the Changing of the guard takes place at the palace at 11:30 a.m. daily. Tourist from all over the world come to see the colourful ceremony. The Changing of the Guard is one of London's famous sight. Crowds of tourists gather to get a look at the guards marching at perfect time. These soldiers guards the palace, which is the home of Britain's ruler. Queen Victoria was the first to live here. A monument to her stands in front of the gate. The British empire was at its peak during her reign, and this monument has become a symbol of England's golden age.

What did the palace of the Greek gods look like?

It depends on the individual's art: or the description of a myth.

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What did the outside of a longhouse look like?


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what does the inside of jupiter look like

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It's described as a 'Wedding Cake on a Grassy Base'.

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