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it helped them stay civilized

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Q: What effect did the Legislative Assembly have on France?
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What is legislative assembly?

Legislative assembly is the legislature of France. This started in October 1st 1791.

What is was the legislative body of France immedialey of the France the French Revolution in 1789?

The National Assembly.

Who seized political power from the legislative assembly in France?

National Assembly

What is the main legislative body in France called?

It has a bicameral Parliament consisting of the Senate and the National Assembly.

What to you call the main legislative assembly in France?

la Chambre des Députés , l'Assemblée Nationale

What is the main legislative body of France called?

The French Parliament is comprised of the National Assembly and the Senate.

What did the divisions in the legislative assembly about the differences in french society?

The "Left" side of the assembly was usually reinforced by the less privileged classes in France."Right" was supported by the rich.

Excution of louisXVI France was govnered by?

The National Convention during the French Revolution. It was comprised the constitutional and legislative assembly.

How did the national convention change?

In the French Revolution, the National Convention or Convention, in France, comprised the constitutional and legislative assembly.

When was Oregon Legislative Assembly created?

Oregon Legislative Assembly was created in 1859.

When was Legislative Assembly of Manitoba created?

Legislative Assembly of Manitoba was created in 1870.

When was Assam Legislative Assembly created?

Assam Legislative Assembly was created in 1937.