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because the add a van

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Q: What gave sailors confidence to travel to new places?
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What three growths made it possible for explorers to sail the world in the Age of Exploration?

Growths that made it possible for explorers to sail the world in the Age of Exploration included the desire to find new trade routes to Asia to make it more economical to bring spices to Europe. Also, the nations wanted to claim new lands and their riches for themselves. Another growth was in the advances in knowledge and science. Cartography, or map making, was improving, especially with all the new discoveries made by the explorers. New inventions also helped the explorers. Improved ship design and new navigational tools helped sailors to travel more safely and faster. Improved weapons gave the European sailors an advantage over the people they met.

How did coffee play a pivotal role in the scientific revolution?

When coffee became popular, coffeehouses started to appear. Coffeehouses functioned as information exchanges for scientists, businessmen, writers, and politicians. Some coffeehouses displayed commodity prices, share prices, or shipping lists on their walls. They also became associated with specific trades, acting as meeting places where actors, musicians, or sailors could go if they were looking for work. In London, people gave their postal addresses as coffeehouses. For example, Richard Steele, the Tatler's editor, gave its postal address to the Grecian coffeehouse. After this, it became a common practice to use a coffeehouse as a mailing address. Coffeehouse discussions both modeled and reflected public opinion, forming a unique bridge between the public and private worlds.

What privilege gave a lord the right to travel to one of his vassal's fiefs and be entertained for several days?

Ever since Roman times hospitality had been considered an important aristocratic virtue. I don't think there was a legal obligation, but to have turned away a feudal superior or to have asked him to pay would have been regarded as an insult.

What god did Romans gave him honors and never earned from the Greeks?

the romans gave him honors he never earned form the greeks

Why was the nazi soviet pact a threat to European peace?

Signed just prior to the outbreak of World War II, the German-Soviet treaty was a threat to European peace because it gave Hitler and other Nazi leaders firm assurance that they could engage in battle with Western nations without having to open up an "Eastern Front" against the Soviet Union. In this way, they gained further confidence that they could enter into a war with tremendous prospects for victory.

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What gave sailors confidence to travel to new place?

because the add a van

How did the discovery of gun powder help European explorers?

it gave them confidence to travel because they could protect themselves

On Columbus' first trip Queen Isabella gave him a crew of sailors?

On Columbus' first trip, Queen Isabella gave him a crew of 90 sailors.

Which event gave President Lincoln the confidence to issue the Emancipation Procloamation?

The Union Army's victory at the Battle of Sharpsburg (Antietam) gave Lincoln the confidence.

Give an example of a sentence using the word Confidence?

His confidence was shattered by the failure of the experiment. She stepped onto the stage with confidence after her coach gave her the pep talk.

How did sailors of the middle ages sail from Europe to iceland and feel safe?

Actually, it was the Vikings who did this and they were very good sailors. They knew what they were doing and I don't think they gave it a second thought.

How was Martin Luther King Jr. confident?

God gave him confidence.....thats it

What has the author Melanie Little written?

Melanie Little has written: 'What My Father Gave Me - Daughters Speak' 'Confidence' -- subject(s): Fiction, Self-confidence

What gave Michael Jackson confidence?

His family, the children all over the world and his Fans.

What gave the United States government the confidence to act strongly after the war of 1812?


Which country gave Hitler the confidence that he would not be opposed for territorial claims in eastern Europe Where was he from?


What gave Hitler the confidence to attack Poland?

The Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact.