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This was something I had to write about in a history essay but a topic in which i could seek no anwsers.

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Q: What good things did Queen Mary I do for England?
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Mary Tudor Queen of England. Is she good or bad?

she was a bad

Who were Queens of England during the Middle Ages?

Queen Matilda of Flanders, Queen Mary, Queen Kathryn, Queen Elenor of Aquitaine, Good Queen Maude, Queen Matilda, and Queen Matilda of Boulogne.

Who thought that bloody Mary was a good queen?

Mary I

What was queen Mary most good at?


Who was Good Queen Bess?

Good Queen Bess was another name for Queen Elizabeth I

What good things did bloody Mary do?

She was very chariable and helped poor people out

What is a good newspaper headline for Mary queen of Scots execution?

bloody mary

Why was Queen Elizabeth a hero?

Because she was the Queen of England. She was also very loved by her people. She also had very amazing achievements.

Was Mary Stuart a good or bad queen?

Mary Scots was a bad queen because she wanted to kill queen Elizabeth ,so her head got chop off.

Was the Queen of England a good personAlso thoughts on the new King of England?

She was a good queen and king Charles isn't as good. Also, King Charles is stupid for cheating on Diana, RIP Diana 🕊

What is the name of the queen of England who vowed as a young girl I will be good?

Queen Victoria

How was Queen Elizabeth was a bad queen?

"she was not a bad queen. So don't go around gossioing that she was a bad queen. She helped England. Her sister Mary was the bad one" Maybe you should do some research before you start telling everyone that her sister Mary was a bad queen. She wasn't necessarily bad, she just has a horrible reputation for burning anyone who wasn't a Catholic. This isn't entirely true, and although she did execute a lot of people, particularly due to religious reasons, Elizabeth I also did horrible things so there is nothing to say that Elizabeth was good and Mary was bad. They were pretty rough times and a lot of things that people did seem horrible and unimaginable today, but this was just how things were done at the time and if you look at any English Monarch throughout the middle ages you'll find that they all did things that by todays standards, we would consider terrible.