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Columbus discovered America.

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Q: What great historical event took place in America seven years after Henry VII took the throne?
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What historical event prompted the development of fire fighting tools in North America?

The Industrial Revolution

Is taj mahal a historical event?

The Taj Mahal is most definetly a historical event

What major historical event happened in America in 2004?

Use this Link-

What was a major historical event during Pocahontas's life time?

The founding of Jamestown in her backyard and the start of the colonies in America.

What happened in 1609?

Lots of historical events happened in 1609. One such event is on August 28th of 1609 Henry Hudson discovered Delaware.

What is an event's historical context?

An event's historical context is the social or political setting in which it occurred.

Was Henry IV a historical play?

Depends which Henry IV play you are talking about. Shakespeare wrote two plays called Henry IV Part 1 and Henry IV Part 2. They are generally classified with the Histories, although the part of them which is foremost is the adventures of Prince Hal and his fat friend Falstaff, which have no historical basis at all. On the other hand, the rebellion of Hotspur was a historical event in the reign of Henry IV of England, so the plays might be thought of as historical. Luigi Pirandello's play Henry IV (Enrico IV), on the other hand, is not historical, but the story of a man who believes himself to be a historical person, in this case the Holy Roman Emperor Henry IV. Since you asked about plays, I guess we cannot count the film Henri 4 which was about the French King Henry IV and was indisputably historical.

Which historical event encouraged the migration of two million iranians to Europe north America and Australia in less than 30 years?

The historical event that encouraged the migration of two million Iranians to Europe, North America, and Australia was the Islamic Revolution. This migration occurred in less than 30 years.

What was a major historical event between America and France?

The Louisiana Purchase (Napoleon sold the Louisiana Territory to America for 15 million dollars. It doubled the size of the U.S.)

What is the proper definition of a primary historical document?

an account of a historical event by someone who witnessed the event

What big event happened in Shrewsbury in 1403?

The Battle of Shrewsbury took place on 21 July 1403 between King Henry IV and the rebel Henry Percy, Percy had supported King Richard III against the then Henry Tudor who took the English throne in 1399.

What do historians mean when they refer to historical context of an event?

When a historian refers to the historical context of an event they mean that they want you to look at the attitude, conditions and mood of the time of a specific historical event.