What is Hazari caste history?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Hazari is one of the feudal and landlords castes of India. The name hazari originated from the word Hazar (thousand) during the rule of kakatiya dynasty. Hazaris were heads of 1000 army men. For one thousand soldiers there was one leader called Hazari. Some sources say that the word originated as a group of thousand men together went against Razakari system so they were called hazaris. Hazaris are predominantly present in Warangal, Karimnagar, Nizambad, Nalgonda districts of Andhra pradesh. According to Wikipedia hazaris originated from Kapus. Also most of the contemporary hazaris are mixed into kapu. Lack of unity among themselves caused this. hazaris in karimnagar and nizambad are also called Yellapu.

hazaris are landlords/dhora in villages. They are warrior clan and ruled many areas. Some sources say that they are equal to Reddy's in Telangana region as reddy' s also originated from kapus.

Since their number is less they were called as community more than a caste. They use the title Rao or Naidu.

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Q: What is Hazari caste history?
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