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Q: What is a ship that can sail into the wind?
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What were caravels and how were they better than what they replaced?

Caravels are ships! They used triangular sails that, unlike traditional square sails, allowed ships to sail against the wind. By replacing oars on the ship's side with rudders at the back of the ship, the Portuguese also greatly improved steering.

Why does the Dutch-built ship sail so erratically and then ground itself on the reef?

it is a ghost ship called the Flying Dutchman.= noRats have killed the the crew. = maybeThe ship doesn't see the light from the lighthouse. = noThe dangerous waters around the island force the ship to crash. maybe

What were the advantages of a Caravel?

It had great maneuverability and speed due to its light weight which made voyages faster. It was powered by sails(lateen-rigged) which allowed it to(head-to-wind) sail closer to the wind which made it easier to get into windward ports or docks. Being smaller and having a shallow keel,it could sail upriver in shallow caostal waters.

How does the triangular trade works?

The triangle trade in the 17th and 18th century worked in this way. Ships from New England (from Salem or Boston) would sail from North America to Africa with cargos of rum to be traded for African slaves. From Africa the cargo of Slaves would sail across the Atlantic to the Caribbean where the slaves would be traded for sugar and molasses. The ship would then sail from the Caribbean (say Jamaica) with its cargo of sugar back to New England where the sugar and molasses would be distilled into rum. And then the cycle would repeat itself.

How did the lateen sail help European explorers?

how did the lateen sail help the european explorers

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Why should you not lower a ship's sail when there is a storm?

the sail catches the wind and keeps the ship going

Device that helps ships sail into the wind?

No sailing ship can sail directly into the wind. However by rigging the sails correctly the vessel can be made to sail more closely to the wind.

Which ship allowed the Portuguese explorers to sail against the wind?

The caravels allowed them to sail closer to the wind than their predecessors.

A 1500 ship that could sail onto the wind?

No wind-powered boat/ship can sail directly INTO the wind, according to the laws of Physics as we know them. Forty-five degrees is about the closest possible angle.

Why were caravels able to sail?

The wind blowing the sails is what made the caravels (ships) sail. It balances with the pressure of the wind blowing onto the sail to push the ship across the ocean. Kinda like when you drag your dog if he/she doesn't want to walk. You dragging the dog is like you're the wind, the dog's the ship, and the leash to drag the dog with is the sail. You get it? :D?

How do sailing ships sail without wind?

They pretty much don't. If a sail-only ship is becalmed, or caught without wind, she is at the mercy of the currents until the wind picks up again.

How long did it take a roman merchant ship to sail from Ostia to Asia Minor?

about 7 days in a favorable wind, since the ship would sail at 4-6 knots

What is the definition of starboard tack?

Sailing on a point of sail such that the ship is rigged to sail properly when the wind comes over the starboard rail.

What is a sailing vessel?

A sailing vessel relies on the wind as its source of power. It could be called a boat, ship, bark, raft, caravel, or tall ship, submarine, or even a "floatie". However, aircraft "sail on the wind" and spacecraft "sail past the stars".

How are ships with sails powered?

no the wind blows the sail/s and makes the ship/boat move :)

What does caravel mean in a simple definition?

a ship with triangular sails that allowed it to sail into the wind and with square sails that carried it forward when the wind was at it's back.

How can a pirate ship sail against wind?

By a method called tacking. The vessal moves in a zig zag like pattern to make head way. A sailing boat can not sail into the wind in a straight line. In a zig-zag pattern shifting from port to starboard. I have the older version, actually. Mine is from around the time Christopher Colombus sailed to the Indies. They used a triangular sail and a square sail that could sail into the wind. The square sail sailed with the wind and the triangular one sailed against it. These ships are called Caravels.