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punishments for crimes were unequal
Punishments for crimes were unequal.

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Q: What is an example of how the Mongols discriminated against the Chinese?
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Is an example of how Mongols discriminated against the Chinese?

punishments for crimes were unequalPunishments for crimes were unequal.

What is an example of how the monglos discrimminated against the Chinese?

One example of discrimination by the Mongols against the Chinese was the imposition of heavy taxes and tribute on the Chinese population, which placed a significant financial burden on them. Additionally, the Mongols often favored their own ethnic group for positions of power and authority, leading to a systematic exclusion of the Chinese from positions of leadership and influence.

What role did the Chinese people play in the Mongol government?

The Mongols did not had much experience with government. But the Chinese had a lot of experience. Kublai kept some of the Chinese governing traditions. For example, he built is capital at Beijing, using Chinese styles. He also declared himself emperor, beginning the Yuan Dynasty. The Chinese were familiar with such steps. Taking these steps made it easier for Kublai to control China. However, Kublai did not let Chinese people gain political power. He kept political power for Mongols. He ended the testing system for choosing government officials. Only Mongols and trusted foreigners could get important positions. The Mongols limited Chinese people to minor jobs with little power.

What was not a legal form of discrimination against Chinese workers?

One example of a legal form of discrimination against Chinese workers was the Chinese Exclusion Act, passed in 1882, which prohibited Chinese laborers from entering the United States.

What is the oldest example of a land mine?

The oldest - and least dubious - source for land mine use exists after the emergence of gunpowder and subsequent gunpowder warfare in China. Land mines with explosion mechanisms were used in the late 13th century in China against invading Mongols attempting to besiege a southern Chinese city.

Where is religious discrimination still prevalent?

Unfortunately, religious discrimination is ubiquitous around the world. This includes nearly every country, including America. For example, American Muslims are a group that commonly get discriminated against.

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a person could be discriminated against due to their culture in many ways for example the colour they were in western countries men wear pink whereas in the uk it is seen as been gay.

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Here, a person is discriminated against through their association with another person. For example, an individual may be harassed because of the religion or race of their partner (when this is different from the individual’s own religion / race).

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In the late 1800s white racism was very strong and did not only pertain to blacks. The "Anglo-Saxon" whites believed themselves to be a superior race and discriminated against the immigrants that were rapidly coming into the nation. They discriminated against people because of a slight difference in complexion. In modern times most don't even notice these differences in skin tone, but they did then. This expression is an example of racism.

How did the ages discovery affect native peoples in newly discovered lands?

The Native Americans are a perfect example of what happens when the Old world meets the new world. They died of diseases, were discriminated against, moved off of ancestral lands, and segregated.

Was the Chinese exclusion act an example of nativism?

Yes, the Chinese Exclusion Act of 1882 was a reflected example of Nativism.

How did minority groups react to discrimination?

Some minority groups react by forming their own sub-cultures in society. For example, China Town. Chinese people have been discriminated against, and have all migrated to one area. This area slowly formed because the citizens brought their culture with them and it became China Town. Other cultures form the same way. Immigrants bring over their beliefs and culture, then they come together to form a sub-culture.