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It is often refered to by locals as "North of 60" since the border between NWT and the provinces to the south runs along the 60th parallel of latitude.

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Q: What is northwest territories nickname?
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Northwest Territory Natural resources?

what is the Northwest territories natural resources

Where was the Northwest Territories first settlers from?

As the Northwest Territories originally were the Rupert's land of the Hudson's Bay company, the early settlers were British traders, with the aborigial people already living in the area. Soon provinces were cut out of the land, and we have what is left of Northwest Territories.

Why was Louis Riel's trial in Regina?

The acts, of which Riel was accused, were alleged to have been committed in what was, at the time, part of Northwest Territories. Regina was then the capital of Northwest Territories and the location of the courthouse.

What was the last territory to join Canada?

Wrong AnswerNunavut, on April 1, 1999. Prior to that date, that Territory was part of the Northwest Territories. It had been split because people thought Northwest Territories was too big so they decided to divide it. =========================================================Right Answer1. Nunavut was carved out of the Northwest Territories in order to create a self-governing territory for the Inuit. The decision to create Nunavut had nothing to do with the previous size of the Northwest Territories. 2. Nunavut did not "join" Canada. It was already a part of Canada by virtue of being a part of the Northwest Territories.3. The last territory to join Canada was the "remaining British possessions and territories ... and the islands adjacent thereto" pursuant to the Adjacent Territories Order, dated July 31, 1880.Prior to that, on July 15, 1870, Rupert's Land and the North-Western Territories had been transferred from Britain to Canada. On the same date, the federal government created the Province of Manitoba out of part of the former Rupert's Land.

What important things happened in northwest territories?

They were colonized by Canada. They were broken up into many different provinces and territories . They were the last to see the end of the ice age.

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What is its nickname or motto for northwest territories?

i is mainly called the "North of Sixty"

When was Northwest Territories created?

Northwest Territories was created in 1870.

What is the population of Northwest Territories Canada?

The 2006 population of Northwest Territories was 41,464. The 2011 population of Northwest Territories was 41,462.

What is the northwest territories natonial bird?

The Gyrfalcon is the northwest territories bird

What is the northwest territories flower?

The Mountian Avens is the northwest territories flower

What territories or provinces are in the northen part of Canada?

Northwest Territories, Yukon and Nunavut

Name the capital of the Northwest Territories a Canadian province that is located on the northern shore of the great slave lake?

Yellowknife is the capital of Northwest Territories, but Northwest Territories is not a province. As the name indicates, Northwest Territories is a territory.

Which province is yellowknife in?

Northwest Territories is the territory with the capital of Yellowknife.

Why did Louis Riel not get hanged in Québec?

The acts which Riel was alleged to have committed took place in what was then Northwest Territories. His arrest took place in Northwest Territories. His trial took place in Northwest Territories. He was found guilty in Northwest Territories. He was sentenced to death by hanging in Northwest Territories. Northwest Territories had jurisdiction over all matters related to Riel's arrest, trial, conviction and execution. Québec had no jurisdiction over any aspect of Riel or Northwest Territories. Therefore, Riel was hanged in Northwest Territories.

What is the capital of Northwest Territories?

The capital city of the Northwest Territories is Yellowknife. It was founded in 1935 and became the capital in 1967.

Which territory shares its western border with the northwest territories?

The territory that shares its western border with the Northwest Territories is Yukon. It is located to the west of the Northwest Territories.

What are the names of Canada's two territories?

Northwest Territories, Yukon Territory, and Nunavut.