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Q: What is the History of the migrant worker in US?
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Is there a present day migrant worker?

There's such thing as a migrant worker.. yes.

Why would someone be a migrant farm worker?

Someone would be a migrant farm worker to gain money for their family

What is a worker that moves from place to place to harvest crops?

A migrant worker.

What is a Hispanic migrant worker?

A Hispanic migrant worker is a person of Latin American heritage who travels from place to place looking for seasonal work.

How can you use migrant workers in a sentence?

Back in my days my friend's dad was a migrant worker.

What was a migrant worker in the 1930s?

a black person.

What is migrant farm worker?

A migrant worker is someone who moves around frequently, living where he/she can find work. In this sense, a migrant farm worker has no permanent home, but instead moves around finding farm work where it's needed. The movements are often seasonal.

What is a worker who moves from place to place to harvest crops in two words?

harvest worker

What was the average wage of a migrant worker in 1937?

The average wage of a migrant worker in 1937 was about $20 to $25 per month. However, this could vary depending on the type of work they were doing and their location in the country.

Why might a Mexican citizen work in the US as a migrant worker?

to make some money to send home to support the family.

What would you do if you were a migrant worker?

Move around alot.

Did being a migrant worker affect children?