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it is in Canada. the Canada Rockies are part of this region.

There are many different and interesting occupations in the Cordillera region. Some major occupations are forestry and mining. These occupations provide the people with money, houses, and wood.

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In the summer it can be dry and cool, in the winter mostly wet and cool. It is warmer in the south than the norht.

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Q: What is the climate in the Cordillera region?
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Who were the first Europeans to live in the Cordillera region- CAnada?

well if you want to know what they do or who they are they are the albert quinoweese uhngredesdre and some things they enjoyed were fishing and weaving their baskets and some first nations even made their own birch bark or other sacred tree bark.

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What type of climate does most of western Europe have?

The climate of Europe ranges from subpolar to Mediterranean.

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Why is the climate of cordillera administrave region cold?

because of mountains

What is unusual about the climate of the western cordillera?

The western cordillera experiences a phenomenon known as a rain shadow effect. This occurs when moist air from the Pacific Ocean is forced to rise over the mountains, losing its moisture and causing dry conditions on the leeward side. As a result, the western cordillera tends to have both wet and dry regions in close proximity to each other.

Where is Cordillera's region?

the cordillera

Why is the Cordillera region called Cordillera Region?

Because the word 'Cordillera' means chain of mountains... well, its called the Cordillera region because it has the Rocky Mountains and Coastal Mountains.

Why is the climate in cordillera administration region is cold?

Because it is a mountain range. As one goes up, it gets colder.

What is the area of Cordillera Administrative Region?

The area of Cordillera Administrative Region is 19,294 square kilometers.

What is a natural resource of the cordillera?

The Cordillera region has lots of mountains.

What is the Natural resources of cordillera?

The Cordillera region has lots of mountains.

What are the Examples of Poems in Cordillera Administrative Region?

a poem of cordillera

Who are the famous Filipino people that was born in Cordillera Administrative region?

famous people of cordillera administrative region

What is the least population region in the philippines?

The least populated region in the Philippines is the cordillera, or cordillera autonomous region simply known as CAR

What is the least populated region in the Philippines?

The least populated region in the Philippines is the Cordillera Administrative Region (CAR), located in the northern part of Luzon. Its population is relatively low compared to other regions in the country due to its mountainous terrain and fewer urban centers.