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well you see the history is that a orange eating monkey sat down and make a mark that looked like the king and they copied it and said it was a yard.. the foot came to be a totally different way it was that the cavemen were tired of not being able to build anything with out the other cavemen making fun of him because it did not fit ever so he finally went home and cried and then measured everything off of his fore arm that was 12" which is now the foot...

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because measurement chages when its mesurement with the time and place in the world

Wow... I really hope you are not looking for a very detailed answer to this question... since it would take a book to answer.. may i suggest you visit the local library...

If we just look at one answer:

The Sophist School ( 480 B.C.) was centered in Athens, Emphasis was given to abstract reasoning and to the goal of using reason to understand the universe.This school had amongst its chief pursuits the use of mathematics to understand the function of the universe.At this time many efforts were made to solve the three great problems of antiquity: doubling the cube, squaring the circle, and trisecting an angle -- with just a straight edge and compass.One member of this school was Hippias of Elis (ca. 460 B.C.) who discovered the ] trisectrix, which he showed could be used to trisect any angle.

The Pythagorean School was founded by Pythagoras in about 585 B.C. includes:

  1. Philosophy.
  2. The study of proportion.
  3. The study of plane and solid geometry.
  4. Number theory.
  5. The theory of proof.
  6. The discovery of incommensurables

And we aren't even into the first century...^^

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The first system of standardized weights and measures dates back to between 3000 B.C. and 1500 B.C. There was evidence found in the Indus Valley Civilization.

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Q: What is the history of measurement?
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