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The very first Hard Rock Cafe opened in June 14, 1971. The chain was expanding worldwide in 1982 in Toronto, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago, Paris, and Berlin.

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Q: What is the history of the Hard Rock Cafe?
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Which country is not home to a hard rock cafe?

Korea does not have a hard rock cafe. we dont eat big burger.

Which logo has cafe?

Hard rock cafe

What is the address of the Hard Rock cafe in Glasgow?

There is no Hard Rock Cafe in Glasgow. The next one is in Edinburgh!

What is the motto of Hard Rock Cafe?

The motto of Hard Rock Cafe is 'Love All,Serve All'.

When was Live at the Hard Rock Cafe created?

Live at the Hard Rock Cafe was created on 2009-06-29.

What is the organizational structure of Hard Rock Cafe?

The original dezign of the hard rock cafe would be the hard rock cafe in London. The original makers were Isaac Tigrett and Peter Morton. Oh and your welcome.

What is the month and year of the anniversary of Hard Rock Cafe?

The Hard Rock Cafe was founded in June of 1971 in London, England.

Is there a Hard Rock Cafe in Panama or Costa Rica?

There is a Hard Rock Cafe in Panama and also very soon a new Hard Rock Cafe Hotel in Panama as well. As far as Costa Rica goes there is no Hard Rock Cafe there yet. Hopefully very soon, they definitely deserve to have at least one!

Is there a hard rock cafe in Zurich?


What is the name of a popular restaurant with word rock in it?

hard rock cafe is the only one i can think of right now hope it can help

What logo has golden circle with cafe at bottom?

hard rock cafe

How did the hard rock cafe begin?

The Hard Rock Cafe began in 1971 when it was founded in London by Isaac Tigrett and Peter Morton. It was not until 1979 however that they began to decorate the restaurant with rock and roll memorabilia. There are currently 175 Hard Rock Cafe restaurants in the world.