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The Garden State

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Q: What is the nick name of New Jersey?
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New Jersey nick name?

i dont no dont ask me

What is the birth name of Nick Acocella?

Nick Acocella's birth name is Nicholas Acocella.

Why is New Jerseys nick name garden state?

Because it plants gardens, New Jersey is named "The Garden Sate"

What is New Jerseys nick name?

New Jersey's nick name is "The Garden State," and indeed it is a very green state contrary to what people may say. Lush forests, farmland, and beautiful manicure homes compose compose the majority of the state. New Jersey is also the wealthiest state in the nation.

Where did Nick Jonas get diabetes?

New Jersey

What channel is nick in New Jersey?


When was Nick Moro born?

Nick Moro was born on September 28, 1900, in Jersey City, New Jersey, USA.

Nick DiDia where did nick grow up?

Cherry Hill, New Jersey

What is your Jersey Shore nick name if your name is Jonathan?

the Unit

Where is Nick Jonas home town?

Nick was born in Dallas, but he moved to New Jersey when he was still young, by the time he was 7, he was already doing Broadway, so he basically grew up in New York/ New Jersey he grew up in wycoff, new jersey!

Which celebrities lives in New Jersey?

well for sure three of the stars that live in New Jersey are Kevin, Joe and Nick Jonas.

Nick Jonas lives where?

nick Jonas lives in New Jersey, and has another house in Texas.