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Lower Canada is known as Quebec.

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Upper Canada today is known as Ontario.

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Q: What is upper Canada known as today?
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Where is upper Canada?

it is today's ontario, canada

What is lower Canada known as today?

Today lower Canada is known as Quebec.

What act joined Upper and Lower Canada?

The Act of Union, 1840, which was proclaimed on February 10, 1841, joined the colonies of Upper Canada and Lower Canada into a single colony known as the Province of Canada.

Who were the united province of Canada in the 1800s?

they were lower and upper Canada which today is Ontario and Quebec. The Atlantic countries joined later on.

Where did the slaves from the US settle in Canada?

the largest group of 100,000 that escaped settled in upper Canada called Canada West in 1841, which today is southern Ontario.

When did Upper Canada end?

Upper Canada ended in 1841.

How was Canada organized in the 1790's and why?

Canada did not exist in the 1790s. The Hudson's Bay Company owned most of the land under British title to facilitate the fur trade. The main regions of the nation at the time were known as Upper Canada and Lower Canada, These (very roughly) equate to Ontario and Quebec today. They were an amalgamation of British and French colonies and forts.

Who was the governor general of upper Canada?

In what year? ========== Upper Canada had a Lieutenant Governor.

When did Upper Canada Guardian end?

Upper Canada Guardian ended in 1812.

When was Bank of Upper Canada created?

Bank of Upper Canada was created in 1821.

When did Bank of Upper Canada end?

Bank of Upper Canada ended in 1866.

When was Upper Canada College created?

Upper Canada College was created in 1829.