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Anybody who wants to - mostly Australians who want to celebrate the establishment of Australia, and its history. It tends to be a commemoration not so much of the First Fleet's arrival, but of all things Australian in general. There is much less fervor surrounding it than some other countries national days such as celebrated in the US.

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Q: What kind of people participate in Australia Day?
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What does Australia Day represent?

Australia Day commemorates the arrival of the First Fleet at Sydney Cove in Port Jackson, New South Wales, on 26 January 1788. This was a significant date because it marked the beginning of European settlement in and colonisation of Australia. Therefore, Australia Day tends to be a celebration of what it means to be Australian. For the indigenous people of Australia, it represents the beginning of their displacement from their traditional homelands, the loss of their culture, their language, their traditions and, in some cases, their children.

Who invented Australia Day?

There is no straightforward answer to this question.Australia Day commemorates the landing of the First Fleet and the arrival of the first European settlers in Australia.The first celebrations of the landing of the First Fleet were held in 1791, while Captain Arthur Phillip was still the Governor of New South Wales. By 1804, 26 January was referred to as First Landing Day or Foundation Day.On the 150th anniversary of the landing of the First Fleet, the Australian Natives' Association (referring to Australian-born people of European heritage, not the indigenous people) advocated celebrating 26 January as Australia Day every year. By 1935, the term "Australia Day" was used among all of Australia's states and territories to mark the anniversary of this first white settlement.

What was the day we now call Australia Day originally called?

26 January was originally referred to as First Landing Day or Foundation Day.

When were anti discrimination laws introduced into Australia?

not yesterday the day before

When did the first Europeans settle in Australia?

The First Fleet, consisting of British convicts and soldiers, arrived in Sydney on January 26th 1788. This day is commemorated each year as 'Australia Day.'

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What activity do people do on Australia day?

On Australia Day, many people plan a barbeque at the beach or at a park. It's a public holiday for most people, so the day is spent enjoying leisure activities.

How many people celebrate Australia Day?

The whole of the Australian population celebrate Australia day.

How many Americans participate in earth day?

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What do you receive if you are born on Australia day?

Not a thing. There is no special recognition for people born on Australia Day.

How many people globally will participate in Earth Day in 2009?

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What is the Waitangi Day equivalent in Australia?

There is no Waitangi Day equivalent in Australia. The British did not negotiate any sort of treaty with the indigenous people of Australia.

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People participate in the polar plunge because they want to raise money for charitable organizations. In Canada, the event is held on New Year's Day.

Australia day its good to Aboriginal people?

Many Aboriginal people in Australia see Australia day as the day when their lives were turned upside down by the invasion of the English and the introduction of European diseased that decimated their tribes and family's.

What is the name of the occasion when people's names are drawn to participate in the hunger games?

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Do people still participate in Earth Day activities?

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How many people participate in Earth Day around the world?

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What does Australia day mean to the aboriginal people?

Australia Day represents "Invasion Day" for the indigenous people of Australia. For them, it represents the day white man invaded their peaceful way of life and set about to destroy their culture, albeit unwittingly at first. For the Aborigines "Australia Day" means the loss of their connection to the land, their spirituality and everything that was important to them.