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they did farming reaping and ............................................... lots of other weird things

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Well first of all they did farming and they were hunters that's all i can figure out?

By saffron-A

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medieval men had loads of jobs but in the village their were villeins who work for the lord.

theres the cottar, priest, reeve and bailiff.

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Q: What kind of work did men do in the medieval times?
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What sort of work did men do in medieval times?

blacksmiths, butchers, gold and silver mining, agriculture (slavery), or worked for a landlord.

Why did men were fancy clothing in medieval times?

because to imprees the king

How tall is the medieval times?

Medieval men were almost as tall as men are today. The average height of a medieval man was five foot seven inches tall.

Why were girls not given the same education as boys during medieval times?

Because people believed that women were meant to stay home and that men should be the ones to do the work.

What kind of people lived in an medieval castles?

not really royals people but they were soilders and important men.

Why did women do more work than men in the medieval ages?

I think medieval women did more work than medieval men for the same reason that women have always worked more than men. I am not really sure what that reason is, but I think women are less easily satisfied with the way things are, or, put another way, (speaking as a man) men are more willing to be lazy.

What was a power the citizens held in the cities of medieval Europe?

The men that held power in towns in medieval times were the bishops, priests, kings, queens, and the landlords.

What kind of work did Mesopotamia men do?

Mesopotamia men mostly did farming.

What role did ladies play in the fuedal system in medieval times?

The ladies followed the men, and couldn't vote

What did men in medieval times wear?

sweatpants or pants (dark), long loose shirts, belts or cords.

What did actors wear during the medieval theater?

They used costume and mask to really get into the play. Only men would had to work at the theater not women. Men would wear mask of woman to have a femine look. Also it depended what kind of maks would they wear

What kind of work do the Navajo men's work?

they built homes and churches