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Q: What mistakes did the parliament do?
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We make mistakes when we are in a hurry.

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How king Charles mistakes led to civil war?

raised taxes, ship money made protestants be catholic lost wars wasted money married a french catholic banned parliament for 11 years!

What did Charles 1 accomplish for England?

Charles I accomplished very little for England. After continously dismissing parliament, he was not popular amonst the people. As the parliament had his money from the previous throne, he had to take extra taxes from the people to pay for the army etc so became even more hated. On top of all of this, he turned up at parliament and imprisoned seven men and eventually caused a civil war - the parliamentarians V the royalists. He was later excecuted for his mistakes.

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The noun parliament is a collective noun for:a parliament of beggarsa parliament of crowsa parliament of owlsa parliament of ravensa parliament of rooks

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