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The Policies of Indian Leader at that time Mahatma Gandhi make Britain to leave from India, he said to Hindus that whatever British people wants to do with we, let them do.

If they are arresting us without any reason, don't make any distrubance go with them quietly. If there are elections do not give votes to them. Do not create any distrubance in their work just do whatever they want. Votes which were needed to Britain to run their government ,so at that time Hindus refuse to vote even though they were jailed for not giving votes but Great Gandhi said we will make them run without violence.

One day Gandhi succeeded and Britain said that we are not getting reply of Hindus so Therefore they thought that its Closure time for us and Gandhi won battle without an violence..................................

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Q: What persuaded the Britain to quit India in 1947?
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What was the outcome of quit India movement?

India gained independence from the UK in 1947.

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It was a day decided by the Indian politicians to protest and to force the British to leave India for good . This movement was called the quit India movement.

What was the Quit India movement popularly known as?

The Quit India movement was popularly known as purna swaraj

What was Gandhi's first protest or non violent act?

I think it was to get independence from Great Britain.

Which famous movement did Mahatma Gandhi launch in August 1942?

*Quit India movement

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Who kicked Britain out of India?

The Indians joined their hands together and sent them out. They also started the Quit India Movement which was a great move. The works done by Gandhiji, to achieve the freedom can never be forgotten. Its because of the great leaders that they achieved freedom.

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as a panel

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in 1942