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a chinese man with big earlobes

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Q: What positions did Confucius hold in the Chinese government?
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Where are women most affected by inequality?

There are many nations where a major, predominating religion, constricts the rights of women. In such nations, men dominate the government and hold high positions in the religious structure of the nation.

During the tang dynasty why did aristocrats continue to hold most government offices?

Most aristocrats continued to hold most government offices because only the wealthy could afford tutors, books, and study time needed to prepare for the exams.

The first europeans to reach china were the Portuguese. true of false?

True. *The Portuguese were the first to reach China (soon after 1500) by following the route of the Arab merchants from India to the southern ports. The early Portuguese traders, who were half-pirate, fortified their trading stations and treated the Chinese as if they were a conquered people. They made so much trouble that the Chinese government drove them out. Later, in 1557, they were allowed to lease a strip of the seacoast at Macao, which they were able to hold permanently *

How Long Can A Canadian Government stay in power?

As far as I know; As Long As We KEEP Them In.... Every four years, we hold a Federal Election to decide our leaders. (unless of course the opposition tries to bring the government down with a non confidence vote) :=(

What was not a part of Lenin's plan for governing Russia?

A democratic form of government was not part of Lenin's plan. Lenin never intended for the new government to be a democratic government, that is, open to all citizens. He believed that it was necessary to keep government in the hands of a small group of like-minded people so that the gains made by the revolution would not be lost. That meant that only members of the Bolshevik Party were going to be allowed to hold high offices in it and the Bolshevik, later Communist, Party would never lose control of the government no matter what the people of Russia wanted. Freedom to oppose his policies was not to be allowed either.

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Whose teachings did the Chinese have to study to hold a government job?


In government why can't you hold two positions at once?

Government cannot hold two positions at once for one reason. The reason that government cannot not hold two positions at once is so everyone will have a chance at term.

Who could hold government jobs based on Confucius' teachings?

According to Confucius' teachings, government jobs should be held by individuals who possess moral integrity, virtue, and a strong sense of duty. These individuals should prioritize the well-being of the people and strive for social harmony. Confucius believed that those who possess wisdom, benevolence, and righteousness would be suitable for holding government positions.

Once the government examinations were based on the teachings of Confucius who could hold government jobs?

Yes, during the imperial examinations in China, candidates were required to have a strong knowledge of Confucian texts in order to qualify for government positions. This emphasis on Confucian teachings helped ensure that officials were well-versed in ethics, governance, and the principles of public service.

Steps of Chinese fan dance?

The Chinese fan dance is performed in celebration of Chinese culture. The dancers hold a fan while standing and progressively change rhythms and power positions.

Who are the Taliabn?

A group of terrorists mainly in Lebanon and Palestine areas who sometimes hold powerful government positions.

What were the jobs for the northwest coast Indians?

They have the same jobs we have, though they do hold more government jobs or government funded positions than most Canadians.

Did George Washington hold any previous government positions?

No. He was commander of the army, served as chairman of the convention, and president.

What made a person a scholar in China during the golden age?

A scholar was one who throughly knew the Confucian Classics. Anyone could be a scholar. It did not depend on family wealth. Studying, taking, and passing many levels of exams were the steps to becoming a scholar.

Did obama hold any other elected positions?


Can us president hold two elected positions?


What branch of office is the cabinet?

The cabinet members are in the executive branch of government. This includes all people appointed to hold senior officer positions within the government.