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Q: What technological advance did the Europeans borrow from the Chinese?
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What is an agreement between a consumer and lender to borrow money and pay it back in increments called?


How did people communicate in the 18th century?

Although the telephone Alexander Bell invented had been around for a few years at the turn of the century, it was not yet in widespread use. Most people still used regular old "snail mail" -- the postal system -- to communicate. Other options were the telegraph and, within cities, delivery boys.

What is lend lease policy?

Lend-Lease, officially known as "An Act Further to Promote the Defense of the United States," was a controversial program enacted in March, 1941, while the United States was officially neutral in the wars that coalesced into the Second World War.President Franklin Roosevelt very much wanted to help Britain in its war with Nazi Germany and Italy, but because the U.S. was neutral and many anti-war groups wanted America to stay that way, he had to sell the program to Congress and the American people.So he came up with a simple explanation. He likened Lend-Lease to one neighbor asking another to borrow a garden hose to put out a fire in his home before his own house caught fire and burned down.The law gave Roosevelt the authority to aid the Allies with arms, planes, food and other necessities to conduct the war. Initially, Britain was the main beneficiary but other nations quickly followed, including the Soviet Union, China, France and Brazil. The total amount of aid amounted to $50 billion. -- Gjampol

Why did power cause the English Civil War?

Because Power Was Very Important In Them Days, And This Was Between Charles 1 and Parliament I Suspect, They Both Wanted Power, Charles 1 Wanted It Because He Believed In 'Divine Right' And Parliament Wanted It Because They Didn't Like The Way Charles 1 Ran The Country, So It Was A Big Part Because They Both Went To Extremes To Get The Power.

How did the events of World War 1 shape Australia?

How World War 1 Affected Australia.Well...I think World War 1 affected Australia alot because the war lost a big generation of boys and while the war was going on, the women had to get jobs and that would be quite hard because women in those days weren't very good at jobs. They had to earn alot of money for food and all those other important stuff but they only got payed half as much as the men did so they only had enough money for food to last for a day. Also, Tasmania could no longer trade with Germany (animal pelts) because they didn't have alot of money to make animal pelts. The buisnesses would also shut down. The shops were selling rare stuff (food) at a very high price so the families were suffering with their living.The government became stronger. But they had to borrow money from Europe because all Australia's money was used up on war stuff. The parliament lost much of its control during the war and new laws were made by a few ministers. People from all over the world also saw Australia as fine, strong, decent.Response: How dare you say that it was hard for women to get jobs because they were not good at them. It was actually because employers didn't want wages to decrease and people back then were bias and thought women couldn't do anything. In fact an article i read prior to reading this stated that women were indeed faster learners then the men and were much easier to control and work with. Shame on who ever thought women weren't as good as men!Response 2: World war 1 affected Australia because obviously women were left to fend for themselves, and their children. but this was really their first chance to join the workforce, and although after the war most went back to normal, this was crucial as a starting point in woman independence. also, during the war resources did dwindle significantly, but this wasnt as big of a problem because of the women

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Which two technological or cultural advancements did the Assyrians borrow from the Hittites?


What is the definition of a cash advance on a credit card?

A cash advance is when you borrow cash against your credit card. When you borrow cash you will usually pay a much higher interest rate than you would for purchases.

What cultural items did Americans borrow from China?

Chinese food 😏

Whose written language did the Japanese borrow?

The japanese first borrowed from the Chinese. Then they simplified the chinese characters into the 50 'kanas'

What is the maximum amount of cash loan that I can borrow in advance?

At most cash advance loan places, the most a person can borrow at all is $500, but they will look at the person's bank statement and based on their wages, they will decide on a person to person basis what their loan max should be.

What does cash advance fee refer to?

Cash Advance is an option that cardholders have which they can use to borrow real currency, such as dollars or euros, rather than using their current balances.

What did prince shotoku borrow from china?

He borrowed the Chinese calendar, religion, and a system of writing.

Is Chinese and Japanese language same?

Chinese has different sounds, lettering, and meanings to their writings. Japanese is the same way but Japanese do borrow the Chinese lettering from the Chinese and but the Japanese do have their own pronunciation for it. They are still different languages.

How much interest is paid to cash advance lenders?

Cash advance lenders charge outrageous interest rates to borrowers, ranging anywhere from thirty percent to three-hundred percent. This is why it is advised never to borrow from a cash advance lender.

Can executor borrow money from the estate if they are the sole beneficiary?

Yes. I don't think 'borrow' is the right word, however, as the sole beneficiary will be entitled to the entire estate. An 'advance' would more likely be the correct term.

What is the business area of Merchant Advance?

Merchant Advance helps businesses by giving cash loans for them to start up, or just improve their business. Merchant Advance allows people who borrow money from them to pay it back with a low percentage of their funds that they earn from the loan.

Whats the maximum amount you can borrow for payday loan yes?

"Depending on local legislations, company allowances, and your own income, the amount you can borrow varies. Fees and policies vary between cash advance companies as well."