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You would cross over tierra caliente, tierra templada and, tierra fria.

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Q: What three altitude zones would you go through if you crossed Mexico's mountains?
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What mountain did the settlers cross through after the Revolutionary War?

😃they crossed the Appalachian mountains

Who said the Blue Mountains could not be crossed?

Nobody said the Blue Mountains could not be crossed. Every explorer who tried to get through prior to 1813 believed there had to be a route - it is just that it took explorers 25 years to find it.

Why was the Continental Divide important to the pioneers?

South Pass was where the travelers on the Oregon Trail crossed the mountains. This is the only way the pioneers could get a wagon through the mountains.

Why was the Cumberland Gap important to westward expansion?

because settlers used the road as they crossed the appalachian mountains of virginia heading west.

Which landform would be hardest to hike through the Colorado Plateau or the Rocky Mountains?

The colorado plateu because it has a staighter wall then the rocky mountains

Why do you have to drive through the mountains going into charlotte NC?

Charlotte is not near the mountains, and the only moutainous route would be I-40 to I-77. In that case, Western NC is covered by the Appalachians, which are crossed by I-40.

A frontiersman who crossed the mountain passes to Kentucky and Tennessee was?

Daniel Boone was the frontiersman who crossed the mountain that passes to Kentucky and Tennessee. He carved the trail for the Transylvania Company from Long Island in Kingsport, Tennessee through the mountains and forests to Kentucky.

What mountains did the Lewis and Clark Corps struggle through?

During their explorations Lewis and Clark explored the Rocky Mountains and they discovered the mountains were rougher and more extensive than they expected. They also crossed the Bitterroot Mountains.

What are glaciers formed in mountains called?

Glaciers formed in mountains are called mountain glaciers or alpine glaciers. They are found in high-altitude regions and flow downhill through valleys.

Why did Lewis and clark cross the Bitterroot Mountains?

Lewis and Clark crossed the Bitterroot Mountains in search of a navigable water route to the Pacific Ocean as part of their expedition exploring the newly acquired Louisiana Territory. They hoped to find an easier passageway through the mountains to continue their journey westward.

Why might your inner ears 'pop' when you are driving through the mountains?

Your inner ears 'pop' while driving through the mountains due to changes in altitude. As you ascend or descend, the air pressure around you changes, causing your Eustachian tube to equalize the pressure in your middle ear, resulting in the popping sensation you might feel.

What mountain ranges did Lewis and Clark cross?

Lewis and Clark crossed the Rocky Mountains and the Bitterroot Range during their expedition to the Pacific Northwest. These rugged mountain ranges presented significant challenges to their journey.