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The candy that is named after young Fort Knox is a kind of chocolate coins. These coins are wrapped in gold foil and are named the Fort Knox Chocolate Coins.

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Q: What type of candy is named after young fort knox?
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Is fort knox named after Henry knox?

NO! Fort Knox was established in 1918 as Camp Knox (named for Major General Henry Knox, first U.S. secretary of war

What do you call a young fort knox?


Is Fort Knox in Maine?

Fort Knox is located in Kentucky.

Fort Knox is located where?

The military site is located in Kentucky. The first Fort Knox, is located in Prospect, Maine and was constructed between 1844 and 1869. Fort Knox is a National Historic Landmark, named after the first Secretary of War, Henry Knox. Knox, resided in Maine until his untimely death, which resulted from complications arising from choking on a chicken bone.

What is the name of the song from the hamster commercial?

fort knox - goldfish fort knox - goldfish fort knox - goldfish

Where was the holy crown of Hungary once taken to?

It was taken to fort knox. Hope this helps =)

Who runs fort knox?

Fort Knox is a US Army installation.

In which city is the nation's gold vault found?

Fort Knox

Who discovered Fort Knox?

Fort Knox is not something that was discovered. Fort Knox was planned and then built. The architect who designed Fort Knox was Louis A. Simon. Construction was done under the direction of Major W. H. Radcliffe.

Has Henry knox been honored in anything?

Knoxville, TN is named after him. As is the US military instillation Fort Knox, Kentucky (home of the Federal gold reserves).

What did Fort Knox have to do with the Gold Rush?

Fort Knox was the major storing place for gold that was obtained during the Gold Rush. Fort Knox is a base in the state of Kentucky.

Who was the first department of war?

It's something Knox, I swear :/. The great Fort Knox is named after him. I just can't remember the name >:( *Is too lazy to look on google.*