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it had no railways, lots of blacksmiths, less education, lots of farming, it was a colony not a province/city, confederation was going on at that time

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Q: What was Prince Edward Island like in 1860?
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Do people in Prince Edward Island speak Canadian?

It seems like you may be confusing the language spoken in Prince Edward Island with a specific dialect or accent. The official languages of Prince Edward Island are English and French, with English being the most widely spoken. People in Prince Edward Island speak Canadian English, which is a variation of English spoken in Canada.

What is Prince Edward Island national park like?

It is one beautiful place <3

What type of government does Prince Edward island?

It has a Provincial government like all Canadian provinces

Where did the vikings settle in Canada?

the Vikings settled in places like prince Edward island, newfoundland and nova scotia

What does Prince Edward like doing?

cricket the most

What is Prince Edward Island like?

As the name suggests, Prince Edward Island (PEI) is an island. It is situated in the Gulf of St Lawrence, off the coasts of New Brunswick and Nova Scotia. PEI is Canada's smallest province, in terms of both area and population, but it is also Canada's most densely populated province. The island is fairly flat and has many large indentations. PEI is connected to New Brunswick by the Confederation Bridge.

Why do the guards at the castle rudely push Prince Edward into the street?

because they don't like him.

What does the flower of PEI represent?

The flower of Prince Edward Island is the Lady's Slipper orchid. It represents the natural beauty and uniqueness of the island, as well as its delicate and rare flora. The Lady's Slipper is also a symbol of conservation and protection of native species.

What type of vegetation in Prince Edward island and animals and reptiles and more?

The climate is generally temperate, with chilly winters and mild summers. The most precipitation occurs between November and January. Average temperatures for Charlottetown are 19°F (-7°C) in January and 64°F (18°C) in July.

What type of government does Prince Edwards Island have?

It has a Provincial government like all Canadian provinces

What does Tom Canty do that makes some people in the palace suspect that something is wrong with Prince Edward?

Tom Canty's unfamiliarity with royal customs, his lack of education and refinement, and his inability to act like a prince persuade some people in the palace that something is off with Prince Edward. Additionally, his humble origins and mannerisms contrast sharply with what is expected of a prince, further raising suspicions.

What can you tell about 10 provinces and 3 territories?

Like in Canada? Well the provinces are; British columbia Alberta Saskatchewan Manitoba Ontario Quebec Newfoundland Nova Scotia Prince Edward Island New Brunswick and the territories are; Yukon Northwest territories Nunavut