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The Angles and the Saxons were a Germanic tribes who had a polytheistic religion. The tribes eventually became combined as the Anglo-Saxons and were pagans who worshipped Woden, a German version of the Norse god, Odin. The tribes had converted to Christianity by the seventh century.

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The Anglo-Saxons were the community of Angles and Saxons that migrated to the British Isles around time of the fall of Rome, in the first millennia, A.D. Along with the Jutes, the Angles and Saxons comprised peoples from the area now known as Germany - the Angles came from Angeln, the Saxons from Saxony, and the Jutes came from Jutland, part of which is modern-day Denmark. Although these these tribes were classically said to have raided and eventually settled in the British Isles, another theory is that they may have migrated there and simply crowded out the Celtic tribes, who either submitted to Anglo-Saxon rule or moved further north and West over time to areas of modern-day Wales, Ireland, and Scotland. However, there is at least one account from that time of a massive fire and slaughter of the Britons by conquering forces assumed to be Germanic warriors.

The Vikings, on the other hand, came from Scandinavia - Denmark, Norway, etc. and traveled all over Europe, Asia, and the North Atlantic, making it as far abroad as Northern Canada. They were usually on a mission to trade, conquer, or settle. Although they share ties of local origin with the Anglo-Saxons, the biggest distinction between them is shown in the Norman Conquest of 1066, when William the Conqueror, who was a Norwegian descendant of Vikings, came through Normandy and France, gathering a huge army that steamrolled the armies of the English King Harold II and ended Anglo-Saxon rule in England, replacing nearly all of the English in powerful positions with Normans.

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Q: What was different about the Anglo Saxons compared to the vikings?
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Who crated soccer?

Anglo Saxons and the Vikings at a battle in England.

What fights did the Anglo-Saxons have?

Well I cant tell you every single fight the Anglo Saxons had... But they did fight the Vikings because they came into their village and stole their stuff:)

What 3 groups in medieval England time?

Anglo-Saxons, Normans, Vikings

Did the vikings take over the anglo saxons?

no both were germanic but they fought they were cousins

Who worshipped Thor?

The Vikings, Scandinavians, Anglo-Saxons and the Germanic tribes.

Who wore the Pendant of Thor?

The pendant of Thor was worn by the Vikings, Anglo-Saxons and people of the Germanic tribes.

Who came into Britain first the Romans or the vikings?

The Romans came first and in between came the Anglo-Saxons. :)

What was the Anglo Saxons known as?

The Anglo-Saxons.

Which people wrote in runes?

The Norse (Vikings), the old Germanic tribes of Northern Europe, and the Anglo-Saxons of Britain.

Are Anglo Saxons and Saxons the same people?

Saxons were/are from Saxony. Anglo-Saxons are in the Uk, a combination of the Saxons and the Angles.

Are Norwegians Anglo Saxons?

Norwegians are not Anglo-Saxons, they are Scandinavians.

Why were the Anglo-Saxons called the Anglo-Saxons?

Because they blonged to the anglo and saxon tribes