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The massive migration of Loyalists to British North America led to the creation of Upper Canada and Lower Canada in 1791. The Constitutional Act of 1791 divided the Province of Quebec into the two separate colonies. Relations between the English speakers in the west and the French speakers in the east were strained. Splitting the area into two colonies was an attempt to end the French-English conflict and retain the allegiance of the Loyalists in Quebec.

The English settlements in Upper Canada would be ruled by British common law and an elected assembly while the French province of Lower Canada would retain the form of government decreed in the Québec Act (a governor and appointed Councillors).

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To separate French and British regions(apex)

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Q: What was the purpose of establishing Upper and Lower Canada?
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What did the british north American act accomplish?

It divided Canada in half, Upper and Lower Canada.

What were the 2 parts of Canada?

Upper Canada & lower Canada

Why is lower Canada called lower Canada when it's really higher?

It's not based on the location on a map. It is more geographical. The "lower Canada region" is more upriver on the St Lawrence. The higher up the river, the "lower" you are. Upper Canada or "Ontario" is located at the tip of the river. Settlers arrived through the St Lawrence and believed the entrance to the river was lower, and the end of the river was higher. ============================================================ "Upper Canada" and "Lower Canada" were named because of their relative elevations and their relative locations on the St Lawrence watershed. Upper Canada was upstream, and at a higher elevation; Lower Canada was downstream, and at a lower elevation.

What caused parliament to create Upper Canada and Lower Canada in 1791?

upper and lower Canada were created to keep the different types on people in there own places

What is upper Canada known as today?

Lower Canada is known as Quebec.

What was Canada first called?


What was cananda day called before 1867?

Before 1867, Canada was divided into upper and lower Canada. In lower Canada most of the people were French. In upper Canada most of the people were British. But on July first, 1867 upper and lower Canada joined confederation to become Canada, This is why we celebrate Canada day on July first :)

Why was there dissatisfaction in Upper and Lower Canada in 1830s?

The assembly proposed the union of Upper Canada and Lower Canada. ================================================== The Constitution Act of 1791 divided Québec and created the colonies of Upper Canada and Lower Canada. It did not create political discontent. That did not occur until 1837.

What is the significance of the constitutional act?

To separate the french and the british by creating upper and lower canada. Upper Canada- Ontario Lower Canada- Quebec

What act joined Upper and Lower Canada?

The Act of Union, 1840, which was proclaimed on February 10, 1841, joined the colonies of Upper Canada and Lower Canada into a single colony known as the Province of Canada.

In what year was Upper Canada founded?

Upper Canada and Lower Canada existed from December 26, 1791, to February 10, 1841.

What was Canada originally named?

New France I think