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Eton. Harrow. Stowe. Cheltenham.

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Q: What were 4 boarding schools for rich boys in Victorian times?
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Where can I find an all boys boarding school?

There are many boarding schools that can be found near schools and colleges. If you are concerned about your boy, probably you must not get him to a boarding schools because even if you look for a boarding school that has only boys, your son can also be distracted by his co-boardmates.

Is there a boys and girls boarding school?

yes, boarding schools are usually gender specific.

Which is the boarding school in the UK?

There are many boarding schools in the UK. They have prep schools, co-ed, and ones for just boys or just girls.

what are the best military schools for boys ?

Here are a few military schools you might want to check out: - Robert Land Academy - Christian military boarding school for boys - Marine Military Academy - Military Boarding Schools

Where can one find information on Boarding Schools in England?

There are a number of sites that one could visit to find girls or boys boarding schools in England. UK boarding schools has a site that lists the many schools available for girls, boys or mixed. They also have a phone number for their help desk and they will be able to provide suggestions based on the information you provide them.

What are some names of boys boarding schools?

A great all boys boarding school is Cardigan Mountain School. Visit their website at to find out how to apply for admissions and to take a tour.

Where can I find boy boarding schools ?

There are plenty of boy boarding schools. However your question is a bit broad. Where is the location of the school you are looking for? Which country, let alone state? However, I will assume you are from the USA. The website below has all the boy boarding's schools in America; If that is of no use to you, ask around your area and the people that you know of to see if they know of any all male boarding schools.

What did the poor Victorian boys wear?

some times nothing

What subjects do they teach in boarding schools?

They teach all the same ones as they do in regular schools. They need the basics like math, english, science and physical education. Depending on the school they may have different classes that are optional.

What did the rich Victorian boys learn?

They went to boarding-schools, where the emphasis was on Christianity, the Greek and Roman classics, and team sports. Ironically, the food and lodging were often inferior to what poorer boys would be enjoying at home. But those schools equipped you with the qualities suitable for running the Empire, and many very young men took big responsibilities in distant colonies, and made a good job of them.

What are the best boarding schools for boys?

Once again I can only advice you to research if there's an organization that deals with boarding schools, perhaps look it up in your phone book or online. This way you might find one nearby your place.

What would a Victorian child like about being at a school?

There were some good schools for boys, for example, grammer schools and public schools. Only richer families could afford to pay the school fees, though some schools gave free places to poor boys. Poor girls did not go to school when the Victorian age began meaning they had little education