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The Poor peoples houses were small and cramped offen they had a crog loft witch is just like half a ceiling where children would sleep they would get up by a ladder

They Also Had a fire in the middle of the room

the frame of the house was built of wood the walls were made of straw and clay, called clom.

they had one table and three stools if there was more than three people in the family they would have to take turns.

i hope this is information will help you

Grace Broadbent 11 years old.

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It was put to gether with a metal nut

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Q: What were poor houses like in Tudor times?
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What type of jobs were they for the poor people in Tudor times?

1.Working in rich houses as servers. 2.Helping out as sheperds.

What was it like in Tudor times?

the poor did not have money and that was a lot of peapol so it was not the best in Tudor times it was the worst!

What did a poor Tudor house look like?

A poor Tudor house looked like a piece of ckicken from KFC

Was there srevants in Tudor houses?

yes depending on your class. If your rich then yes, if your poor not very likely.

Where did the Tudor's live?

The royal Tudor people lived in palaces while the rich lived in houses made out of brick with big glass windows and the poor lived in small wooden houses with one room.

Were spices expensive in Tudor times?

Spices are expensive in tudor times. If you are poor and you want to eat spices you need to grow it in your garden.

Did poor people in Tudor times travel far from where they lived?

no answer

Was life hard work for the poor in the Tudor times?

of course it was

How did the rich and poor entertain themselves in Tudor times?

the had music

Did poor children in Tudor times go to school?

No, poor children did not go to school during Tudor times. During this time period very children went to school or were educated.

Did poor people wear shoes?

yes poor people did wear shoes in the Tudor times

How wear poor people treated in the Tudor times?

really badly