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They could claim 160 acres of surveyed government property and were required to improve the land by building a dwelling and cultivating the land and after 5 years the property was theirs. They paid a small registration fee. After the civil war union veterans could deduct the time they served from the residency requirements.

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Q: What were the agreements settlers of the west had to sign for the homestead act?
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What were the long lasting effects of exploration by the first American explorers of the west?

Well there were the reports by the explorers, such as Lewis and Clark, that there was plenty of good land west of the Mississippi River. So that brought about the Louisiana Purchase opening up the Midwest to settlers. Eventually the purchase of the Oregon territory, opening up the Pacific Northwest to settlers. Travel was by foot, horse, wagon and oxen, eventually the railroads opened the west more and more settlers. The lasting effect was the settling and taming of the wild west.

Where did the North-West Mounted Police settle in Canada?

The NWMP didn't settle - they were a police force in the north west of Canada. They were sent out west to protect settlers and First Nations.and poo

What are some Technological Advances that aided in the settlement of the west Why did the Settlers need each of these?

One would maybe probably possibly kind of could be railroads :I

How did the north west mounted police make the Canadian west different than the American west?

Although it is an oversimplification, it is often said that the major difference between the settlement of the American West and the Canadian West, is that in America the people preceded the law, whereas in Canada the law preceded the people. The North West Mounted Police made their appearance on Canada's prairies before large numbers of settlers arrived. They were well-established beforehand, and maintained law and order throughout the settlement of the West.

How did gunpowder revolutionize world history?

Gunpowder made it possible to use in cannons, which had a more far-reaching expanse than in any previous modern use; it was also sold to Indians, for a profit to the settlers and to the delight of the Indians. When used on wagon trains headed West, it was known to postpone or completely cancel fights between the settlers and the Indians.

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How did the homestead of 1862 help settlers in the west?

the homestead act offered free land for settlers-apex♥♥

How did the Homestead Act of 1862 help settlers in the West?

the homestead act offered free land for settlers-apex♥♥

What is a sentence using the word homestead?

The government gave away land in the West to settlers willing to homestead there. The homestead was abandoned by the owners after the drought.

Which of the following promised 160 acres of land to settlers in the West?

Homestead Act

Why did little of the land offered by the homestead act end up being claimed by settlers?

Few settlers wanted to move West at the time.

Settlers in the US heading West after 1862 would most likely have supported passage of the?

Homestead Act

Why did little of the free lands offered by the homestead act end up being claimed by settlers?

Few settlers wanted to move West at the time.

Which law gave settlers 160 acres of free land if the settler would move out west?

Homestead Act.

What best describes how the Homestead Act helped lead to the closing of the western frontier?

It encouraged settlers to move west at little expense

How did the homestead help bring settlers to the west?

Homesteading gave people the chance to own land simply by claiming it, and working to farm the land.

How did the homestead act of 1862 contribute to the development of the west?

the homestead act offered free land for settlers-apex♥♥

Who were likely to get land from the homestead acts?

People who applied for it and went west to homestead.